About Me

Hilary Mahoney is the sole visionary mind behind Elusive Red Tiger, the visually-illustrative brand designed to encapsulate everything within her creative reach. Her treatment of duct tape, decorative candles, jewelry, among other unique creations exemplify an attitude of frugality and focus on recyclable materials. Hilary’s musical inclinations often lead to thematic designs employing musical nomenclature, symbolism, and stylistic embellishments. Whether she is inventing crafts for her own enjoyment, filling orders, or teaching others, Hilary’s daring ingenuity and hand-crafted charm boldly dreams with an imagination which is uncommon and elusive.

Elusive Red Tiger is managed by Hilary Mahoney and is based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
We make crafty items of all sorts such as soaps, candles, duct tape purses and accessories, duct tape guitar straps, bass string jewelry, bottlecap jewelry, guitar pick jewelry, glass tile jewelry and more!

I am also a writer. You can find my writing at Screamer Magazine or here.

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